Long List of Suitors for Schuyler Rimmer

by Alex Schwartz

If one is looking for a tough, rugged post player in the class of 2013, then Schuyler Rimmer just might be someone to go take a look at.

A 6'8 power forward out of Boone (FL), Rimmer has a lengthy list of high-major programs from coast to coast on his trail. He recently took the time to update Northstar Basketball on
where things stand with his recruitment.

Rimmer first mentioned Auburn, Boston College, Georgia, Miami, Florida, Penn State, Stanford, UCF, Clemson,
Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Tennessee. However, those are not the only programs involved.

"[Those schools] have been recruiting me for a while now," Rimmer said. "Notre Dame, USC and Duke have just started to show some interest."

On which schools have offered thus far, Rimmer remarked, "Penn State, UCF, Miami, and Va Tech. The coaches at Stanford have told [me] that I have a scholarship there, but they have to wait until after I get admitted before they can officially offer."

Five schools have separated themselves from the pack as Rimmer's favorites at this point in time. He mentioned Stanford, Florida, Miami, Virginia Tech, and Penn State as his "top [schools] now."

What is it about those five that stand out to the big man? "They are all programs that I think I could fit into and that I could be successful in," Rimmer said. "They are also all good academic schools."

Although location is "not really" a factor for Rimmer, he did discuss what things he is looking to find in a college.

"Academic integrity and a strong program that I can be successful in," Rimmer explained.

Stanford, Florida, Miami, Penn State, Clemson, UCF, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech are the schools that Rimmer has taken visits to.

The Sunshine State junior's list of schools recruiting him the hardest is quite similar to that, as he mentioned Stanford, Penn State, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Miami, and UCF.

There are a few coaches with whom Rimmer feels that he has developed the strongest relationships as of now.

"I feel like I have a good relationship with most of the coaches that are recruiting me," Rimmer said, "but the best are probably with coach [Pat] Chambers at Penn State, coach [Mike] Schrage at Stanford, coach [Eric] Konkol at Miami, and coach [James] Johnson at Va Tech."

Rimmer has somewhat of a timetable for when he would like to make his college choice, but not a specific date.

"I want to commit before my senior season at the latest," Rimmer said, "but I'm not sure when I will."

Note- photo is from http://247sports.com/

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